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Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb. This is a comb specifically made to remove lice and nits. The tines are very close together and have ridges that pull lice and nits out. These can be purchase at Amazon.

Dimethicone Oil. Also known as silicone oil. This is the main ingredient used to kill lice. It's a heavy non toxic silicone based oil. It's common in many cosmetics and lotions. This oil will help lubricate hair when combing and is absorbed by lice. This will kill them in less than a minute even if they hold their breath.

Dimethicone oil is not sold in stores. It's available to order from the internet or through us here.

Olive Oil. This is mixed in with the dimethicone oil in small amounts to replace the moisture removed by the dimethicone oil. It also helps reduce itchiness.


Items you'll need:

✔ Roll of paper towel.

✔ 8 ounce hair tint bottle for the oil solution.

✔ Nitrile gloves.

✔ A regular comb to help part hair.

✔ Alligator type hair clips. The ones that I use are called "The Super Croco Clips" by Salon Care. They can be found at Sally Beauty Supply. There are similar clips at Amazon.

Course Modules


Module 1. Lice Removal Tools

Module 2. The Removal Process (Comb Out)

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