Nichole is the owner and operator of Lice Support. A 5 star Google review rated company created in 2015.

Have You Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Business?

How about learning a skill that's always in demand. My online training course will teach you how to start and effectively run your own lice treatment service without all the complications of owning a business. Or learn to treat your own family without paying someone else the high cost of lice services.


Lice have adapted to over-the-counter chemical lice products like Rid and Nix. For instance, an estimated 6 million to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age. However, that doesn't include the older siblings and parents who get lice from their children. In addition, there is no season for lice. They're active year-round. As long as there have been and will be children with hair there will be kids with head lice.


This is a legitimate business that I started on my own and turned into a very successful company that I currently own and operate. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for that please look elsewhere. But if you’re ready to start something new to secure your future continue reading. 

Just Want To Remove Lice For Your Family? Get The Basic Course!

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Learn A Money Making Skill

My success has been due to my business model which includes very high profit and low operating costs. All with amazingly low startup costs and no previous experience or computer skills necessary.


This is a very unique but valuable service that can command high prices because of consistent demand. Also since its so specialized there's little to no competition. Lice services aren't affected by economic recession that can affect many retail or service businesses. All that is needed is an inexpensive kit and a reliable vehicle. Or offer treatment at your home or commercial location. Above all, there is no certification or licensing required with low startup costs.


I’ve helped thousands of families since I started my lice treatment company in 2015. I've seen and treated everything from minor to very extreme lice cases. Through my years of experience I saw high demand not only for this service but a way to teach frustrated mothers how to treat their families and friends or start their own lice treatment service. 

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Lice Support

Unlimited Earning Potential And Growth

Spend more time with your family working less than part-time hours. There's no limit to the earning potential and future growth. Follow the process I did to start and you can make a lot of money doing a service that some people didn’t even know existed but will be so grateful that it does! 


Buy my online training course now to use this highly specialized but very unique money making skill to start your own highly profitable lice treatment service. You can be up and running immediately! Not in months or years. The course includes valuable information with everything from training and lice knowledge to creating your company. All with video and text instruction in one place. Choose from three different courses. The money you earn on your first or second appointment will easily cover the cost of the training course! Learn a skill that will always be in demand.


Recent Reviews

"I wasn't sure at first but I'm so glad I gave it a try. I just had my first appointment!"

Teresa, from Florida

"My wife bought the course and was able to learn alot. Very informative."

Terell, from Texas

"Your course helped me get my business started. I liked that it didn't cost alot to get it going. I had alot of questions and the response was very quick. Thank you Nichole."

Monica, from Ohio

Training Modules

Basic Course

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Lice Removal Tools
  • Module 4: The Removal Process (Comb Out)

Full Course

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Lice Removal Tools
  • Module 2: How To Be A Nit Picker
  • Module 3: Doing A Head Check
  • Module 4: The Removal Process (Comb Out)
  • Module 5: Lice Knowledge
  • Module 6: Test Your Knowledge

Business Course

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Lice Removal Tools
  • Module 2: How To Be A Nit Picker
  • Module 3: Doing A Head Check
  • Module 4: The Removal Process (Comb Out)
  • Module 5: Lice Knowledge
  • Module 6: Test Your Knowledge
  • Module 7: Creating Your Business

Module 7: Creating Your Business in the business course will include:

✔ How to register your business with your state.

✔ How to obtain an employer identification number.

✔ How to create a local listing in Google Maps.

✔ Creating a company website. Additional cost but optional item

✔ Starting a Google Ads, Facebook or Instagram marketing campaign. Additional cost but optional item

✔ How to accept credit and debit cards.

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