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Thank you so much for purchasing my online training! My name is Nichole and I’m very excited to get you started on how to remove lice. 


A little background about myself. I’m married and a mother of 5 boys. I live in Arizona which is where I started and currently operate my company Lice Support. I’ve owned a few businesses with my husband but Lice Support has been the most successful and with the least amount of time invested. 


So how did I get started in this very unique business? Well, I helped a friend start a location based lice treatment service. A year later I took that experience, used a better business model and started my own mobile lice treatment service which has grown year after year. I had no previous lice removal experience but the qualities that have helped my success are confidence, being personable and sympathetic. 

Lice Support

So not only does it provide an excellent source of income but also satisfaction knowing I’m helping so many families. The appreciation I receive keeps me motivated! I hope you find this training helpful.

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