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  1. Registering your business name with your state to will vary from state to state. Go to the business website of your current state or do a keyword search for (your state) corporation commission. Example "California corporation commission". Follow the instructions provided by the business website. Also depending on the city you live in you may have to register your business with the city. Go to the business website for your city or do a search for (your city) register business. (Required)
  2. To obtain an EIN or employer identification number go to the IRS business page and apply. You will obtain the EIN immediately after applying. (Required)
  3. Create a free local Google My Business listing. This will list your business on Google Search and Maps. It will also provide a basic business website. (Recommended)
  4. To create your own company website you have a few options. You can use the Google My Business created site, create one yourself or hire a website designer to create one for you ( most expensive option). If you decide to create one yourself you will need to purchase a domain and web hosting for your site. I would recommend Godaddy for the domain and web hosting. You'll also need a website builder like WordPress. Its one of the most popular website builders and its free to use. (Recommended)
  5. Create a Google Ads, Facebook and/or Instagram marketing campaign. This will have the same options for creating a website. Create one yourself, hire a marketing company (again the most expensive option) or we can provide marketing for you at a discounted price. Contact us for more information. (Recommended)
  6. The ability to take credit and debit cards will make it easier for your customers. Plus it adds a layer of professionalism to your business. I use Square with a bluetooth card reader and I've had good service with them. If you use my referral in the link you will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days. There are other companies that provide credit cards services including regular banks so you have a lot of options. (Recommended)
  7. To create business cards you can use an online printing company such as Vistaprint or a local print shop. For a more cost effective option you can create one yourself in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. (Recommended)

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